Police release this year's time-wasting emergency calls


A man wanting a ride home and a woman complaining about a barking dog were among the more questionable phone calls made to police this year.

The annual list of the most time-wasting calls to police has been released to Newshub, and it includes some shockingly trivial matters:

While they may be entertaining, police national operations manager Mal Schwartfeger says it's important to note these calls take up valuable time and could cause a delay for someone in a life or death situation.

In the 2015/2016 financial year, police communications centres received more than 842,000 genuine emergency calls. They also handled 1.1 million general calls for service, such as dobbing in bad drivers.

Examples of situations when the public should dial 111 include:

Police say if you're unsure if something counts as an emergency, but you're still worried, call the police general number and they will advise you.

But it's probably safe to say pizza cravings and mediocre comedians don't make the cut.