Quake creates massive lake on family farm

The giant lake now on the Kelly family farm (Newshub)
The giant lake now on the Kelly family farm (Newshub)

A giant lake and three-metre-high wall have been created on a family farm near Waiau, revealing the massive power of November's earthquake.

Geotech scientists from around the world are scrambling to see the newly formed 'Lake Rebekah' and the 'Waiau wall' on the Kelly family's farm.

The family is dwarfed by the sheer size of the rupture that's torn straight through their property, forming a giant wall hidden in the hills of the farm.

Kate Pedley, University of Canterbury geology lecturer, said it was "quite remarkable just how powerful the earthquake was".

"This is not only long, but some cracks are so deep you can literally stand in them."

One of the more surprising additions was the new backyard lake.

It's a kilometre long and growing everyday due to a slip blocking the Leader River.

The lake is a summer treat for the Kelly children as temperatures nudge towards the thirties, and a feature Rebekah Kelly is claiming as her own.

"We drive up to it and someone asked me what's it going to be called and the first thing that came up was oh Lake Rebekah of course."

The earthquake has turned a family farm into an adventure playground.