'Uphill battle' for charity Christmas present target

kmart christmas charity wishing tree
The charity drive is looking for generous donors to help meet their goal (Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal)

A Christmas charity is desperately seeking presents for underprivileged families with fears they might not reach their target of 50,000 gifts.

The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal has just 10 days to collect nearly 12,000 presents to meet their target.

The gifts will then be donated to 17,000 struggling families.

Organisers say the target seems like an uphill battle and they need all the support they can get.

The Wishing Tree Appeal is in its 23rd year and partners with The Salvation Army - collecting a total of 420,000 gifts.

Salvation Army head of social services Major Pam Waugh says Christmas is a challenging time for families who feel the strain of not being able to afford gifts.

"Extra bills, back-to-school costs, special meals and holiday activities for the children are added on to everyday living expenses.

"Often, the last thing families can afford is presents for the children and this can be extremely difficult for a parent."

People can pop a gift, which doesn't need to be wrapped, under the Christmas tree at any of the 19 Kmart stores nationwide.