Video shows New Zealand's quakes in whole new way

Video shows New Zealand's quakes in whole new way

A lecturer at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) has created a visual account of every earthquake in New Zealand since 1900.

Senior lecturer of creative technologies Dr Stefan Marks created the video, which gives an interactive 3D account of earthquakes, including November's devastating 7.8 magnitude shake.

He says they used data from GNS Science to make the video.

In the video, a red ball shows a big quake and a yellow one is smaller. Where the ball is shows its location and depth.

"We use a PC that is virtual reality capable to make these visualisations," Dr Marks says.

"If you were in AUT's motion capture lab you could put on a VR headset and you would be able to see each of these quakes and as you looked at each ball be able to find the key stats about that quake."

Dr Marks says transforming data into a visual representation is useful for education.

"Data visualisation is great for raising awareness. It brings information that would normally be seen only by scientists to the mainstream."

Watch the video to see how it works.