Who are the Keys?

The Key family have become household names (Getty)
The Key family have become household names (Getty)

The Key family has become a successful brand during John Key's time as Prime Minister.

During his resignation speech, Mr Key acknowledged the toll being Prime Minister had had on his family life.  

He said it's been particularly tough for his two children, Stephie and Max, who have been forced to grow up in the spotlight.

Born in Auckland in 1961, Mr Key was raised by his single mother - an Austrian-Jewish immigrant - in a Christchurch state house, with his two sisters.

He met his wife Bronagh during high school, and after graduating from the University of Canterbury, the pair married in 1984.

Mr Key went on to become a successful foreign exchange dealer, before moving overseas and becoming the head of global foreign exchange at Merrill Lynch.

There the couple had their two children, Stephie and Max, and eventually moved back to New Zealand where Mr Key moved into politics.

Mr Key spoke about the pressure living in the limelight has had on his family.  

"My daughter Stephie and my son Max have transitioned from teenagers to young adults while coping with an extraordinary level of intrusion and pressure because of their father's job."

After Mr Key won his third term, it was Max's turn to push the family brand.

With almost 60-thousand Instagram followers, the 21-year-old quickly rose to stardom, becoming an Auckland socialite, model and radio DJ.