Woman finds 'drunk' man in back seat

A Christchurch woman got a shock when she discovered a stranger asleep in the back seat of her car on Wednesday night.

Sarah Williams was heading out for a night drive when she found a seemingly highly intoxicated man had gotten into her car and was taking a naughty nap.

"He was so drunk and passed out that we couldn't move him for half an hour," she says.

"He didn't know where he was, he couldn't talk, we couldn't even get his name. He was just vacant."

Police had to be called to the Armagh Street property to take the man away.

Ms Williams says she left her car unlocked, which she doesn't normally do, but was intending to head out again shortly after she arrived home at around 8:30pm.

"We'd been home probably for a couple of hours, and me and my partner were going to go for a drive up the hills," says Ms Williams.

"We went to the car, he went to grab his hoodie from the back, and he felt a face. So he opened the back door and goes, 'What the f**k?' I ran inside and grabbed my flatmate and it all went from there."

The man didn't steal anything and wasn't abusive to Ms Williams or her companions, but he did behave in a way they didn't appreciate.

"Before the cops got there, he had actually got himself out of the car and decided he was going to urinate up and down the side of the car. When he did that, the boys decided they'd lock the car up," says Ms Williams.

"He tried to get back in, but then the policeman turned up and he started getting a bit stroppy with him. Then another police car turned up and they took him away. They said they were just going to put him in detox."

Ms Williams recorded video of the encounter and published it online, which she says has "kind of gone viral".

She says they won't be pressing charges.