Youth bike gang causing chaos on Auckland streets

A group of youths on bikes has been terrorising Auckland drivers as they take over roads and pull wheelies in front of oncoming traffic.

They've been seen across the city, from Otara to the CBD and North Shore.

Videos posted on social media show the group - without helmets - dominating the road and doing bike tricks extremely close to oncoming vehicles.

Police have received several complaints, and are investigating.

One North Shore woman said on Facebook she saw around 10 people aged between 12 and 14 swerving around traffic in the Beach Haven area.

"One nearly got wiped out through no fault of the driver. Normally there is a group of three and they are doing wheelies on the road. No helmets," Rebecca Towler wrote.

Other residents in the Beach Haven and Birkdale Community Facebook page commented have also seen the group.

"I have seen these kids up Glenfield Mall and along Birkdale Road. Swerving in front of a bus even. Some guy stopped and told them to get off the road and they just laughed and swore at him."

A number of residents said it was "an accident waiting to happen".

"I almost hit one of these guys coming along Kapatiki Road," one woman said. "He was doing a wheelie and bailed it -almost right under my left tyre [sic]."

"This behaviour is a real worry to police because the situation could turn bad quickly," said Beach Haven Community Constable Grant Kenny.

"These children could end up badly injured or worse if they're hit by a vehicle. This is also frightening for drivers in the area, including some who have come close to hitting these children."

He advises drivers to contact police if they see the group, and to drive with extreme caution.