ACC motorcycle levy questioned as ineffective

A road safety campaigner says a levy introduced to promote motorcycle safety is not working.

Since the levy was introduced in 2010, nearly $15 million has been collected through the safety levy, but to date only $3.5 million has been spent on things such as motorcycle training courses.

Wayne Painter has been a keen motorcyclist for 31 years and wants to see ACC spending more of the money.

"If they used the levy to pay for things that improved riding safety it would be great, but my understanding is that they've kept the levy in the bank somewhere," he says.

Road safety campaigner Clive Matthew Wilson says the statistics show that the levy system isn't working.

"If you look at the number of motorbikes killing people, clearly the levy that was intended to save lives has not done so."


Last year 50 motorcyclists were killed on New Zealand roads and Mr Wilson says the levy money should be spent on testing motorcyclists.

An ACC spokeswoman says $4 million of the safety levy fund has been earmarked to be spent this year on things such as training and road improvements.

She says the projected investment in safety for motorcyclists over the next three to five years will exceed the money collected through the levy.

Mr Painter hopes that ACC will honour their promise and put the money towards motorcycle safety, and for him it can't come soon enough.