New photo competition celebrates the best wedding 'epic fails'

Nikon camera epic wedding fail bridesmaids
One of the top 10 photos to be nominated (Alessandro Giannini)

Wedding photos should capture a bride and groom's perfect day; a Kodak moment that generally happens only once in your life. 

However, a photo competition for professional snappers asked for candid wedding moments which were anything but perfect. 

The overall winner in the 'epic fail' category of the Mywed Award 2016 have been chosen from the 10 shortlisted images. 

Cristiano Ostinelli wedding fail bride
The winner of the competition- Cristiano Ostinelli

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Here are our top five picks from the competition's nominations, showing when something went wrong at a wedding:

Denis Koshel wedding bride squirrel
This poor bride was attacked by a squirrel. (Denis Koshel )
Nikon wedding fail champagne pop
The worst time for a bottle of champagne to misbehave. (Michele Monasta)
wedding photos couple bride and groom epic fail dog poos
Not the most pleasant sight for these newly weds. (Andreu Doz)
gap Antonio Gitto Wedding fail
This groom had an unlucky encounter with the church stairs. (Gap Antonio Gitto)
wedding epic Yuliya Frantova
The perfect opportunity to add a new phone to the gift registry. (Yuliya Frantova)