Boy racers driving locals round the bend

Residents in rural Marlborough are calling on Police to take swift action against boy racers.

Hundreds of drivers are using State Highway 1 north of Seddon as a "skid pad", with enthusiasts flocking to the area in modified cars.

Their antics have left a busy intersection on State Highway 1 south of Blenheim is covered in skids.

But for those causing the trouble, it's just a bit of fun.

"Everyone is smiling by the end of the night," enthusiast Nich Searles says.

So-called boy racers have been coming to the area in droves with a recent meet attracting more than 100 cars from around the region.

"We pulled 150-200 cars over here from Nelson, couple from the lower North [Island] and some from down south."

Mr Searle says he's doesn't do the skids himself, but watches on from the sidelines.

He says there's nowhere else to go, and there are safety measures in place - with spotters assigned to watch for oncoming cars.

"So we have one or two cars parked up at the end of the vineyard, which is about 300m away. A couple will be up on the train tracks along here and then there will be one just up the road by the barrier."

But the "lookout boys" are little comfort for nearby residents being kept awake at night.

Russel Kerslake lives 300m from the road, and says their activities pose a very real danger.

"Frustration really, it's just the noise and the lack of respect for the community," he says.

He's calling on police to act, but while we were filming, highway patrol paid the enthusiasts a visit.

"You can see by the mess that's left on the road here. Did they possibly think about the fact that nobody can see where the right turning bay is?," the highway patrol officer told Mr Searles.

Nich Searles says the group takes full responsibility for the aftermath left behind.

"I'd even come out with a water blaster myself and help clean it up. It's a pretty big mess that we've made."

And after careful consideration, it's likely the group will now move to another spot.

While police say no formal complaint has been laid, they take the matter very seriously.

Anti-social driving can result in immediate vehicle seizure, or loss of licence upon conviction.