Bulldog stolen from Invercargill

The stolen bulldog was white with brown patches and floppy ears (Getty / file)
The stolen dog (not pictured) was white with brown patches and floppy ears (Getty / file)

An American Bulldog has been stolen from a Southland property and police are advising residents to be careful.

The dog was taken during the night last Wednesday, from the property in Wyndham, Invercargill.

Two men have also been seen looking into properties in Strathern, paying particular attention to dogs in the area, acting Senior Sergeant Jared Kirk says.

"We're aware that some breeds of dogs may be targets for theft and we don't want to see any residents become a victim to losing their treasured pet," Snr Sgt Kirk says.

He says owners need to make sure their pets are microchipped as well as secured during the day, and people should get to know their neighbours.

"We need everyone's help to ensure we maintain safe communities."

Snr Sgt Kirk says there is nothing to suggest there is any "ongoing illegal activity" occurring relating to dogs in the area, but advises residents to report any concerning behaviour.