Campervan's dodgy driving caught on camera

A campervan driver has been caught on camera repeatedly crossing the centre line, seemingly in an attempt to prevent it from being overtaken.

In a three-minute long video uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, a large campervan can be seen weaving across the centre line on Breamer Rd, near Lake Tekapo, in the South Island's Mackenzie Country.

The confused witness of the bizarre driving behaviour said the driver was travelling between 40 and 45kmh.

"... This driver - not sure why - just does not allow us to overtake him. Our way was crossed by his vehicle at the beginning of manoeuvre. This almost caused an accident and us ending up in ditch!" the video's uploader Stenly writes.

"This is not normal when you drive on almost perfect conditions with no traffic at all in speed about 40km/h. Welcome in South Island, how is possible to have somebody like this driving such a big campervan?"

The video has had more than 500 views.