Chiefs players call female parking wardens 'c****'

The Hamilton City Council says there is "no excuse" for Chiefs players' behaviour, after they verbally abused two female parking wardens in Hamilton on Wednesday.

The team members - who have not yet been named - had just finished training when some players received parking tickets.

The players then verbally abused two female parking wardens, including calling them the 'C' word.

"Sadly, abuse of our staff in these situations is all too common," said the council's acting chief executive Kelvyn Eglinton in a statement to Newshub.

"They have a tough job, but they do it well and people often don't realise the benefits they bring. Most people treat them with respect, but there is a minority of people who believe it is okay to demean and abuse parking wardens."

Members of the public then approached the women to see if they were okay.

However, Chiefs head coach Dave Rennie has denied the players were swearing at the women.

"The comments were not directed at the parking wardens," he said in a written statement.

Regardless, the Council says there is "no excuse for abuse of our staff, by anyone, at any time," and the wardens now want to get on with their work.

Mr Rennie said that the Chiefs have talked to the Hamilton City Council and "wholeheartedly support them in their stance against poor behaviour toward any of their staff".

The players "apologise sincerely for any distress caused to the wardens involved," he said.