From wheelchair to world first

A British woman is about to take on one of the most physically challenging tests in the world. 

Beth French is in New Zealand to tick off a swim across Cook Strait and a step closer to completing the Oceans Seven. 

Ms French is testing our sea temperatures and setting her sights on Cook Strait. 

"Just to get a feel for what the water's going to be like, get a taste for it being the pacific and yeah get the body ready to tackle it," she says.

She's tackling one part of the Oceans Seven: 12 months to swim seven of the world's toughest sea channels. Nobody has yet attempted the feat of endurance. 

"I wanted to look at how to challenge myself differently and doing it in a year is definitely it" she says.

Only six swimmers have ever completed the gruelling list - no one within a year.

Since last October, Ms French has ticked off two crossings - Catalina channel in California and Molokai Channel in in Hawaii.

Still to go are gruelling swims between Ireland and Scotland, the English Channel, the Strait of Gibraltar, Tsugaru Strait in Japan, and Cook Strait here in New Zealand. 

"It's been easy this bit but I'm not kidding any one that its always going to be the last four that are challenging because I've got to do four channels in four months and nobody knows if that's possible," she says.

It's a challenge that seemed impossible as a teenager, after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. 

"My life was basically written off when I was 17 and I was told that I would never get better and I was advised to write a list of what I wanted to do to get better" she says.