German tourists 'shocked' after hammer thrown at camper

Hammer thrown at Eurocamper near Arthurs Pass
The hammer was thrown with such force, it snapped in two (Supplied)

A young German couple have been left with a bad impression of New Zealand after someone threw a hammer out of a moving car and onto their campervan.

Bela Krischel, 22, and his girlfriend were travelling along State Highway 73 heading toward Castle Hill around 5:30pm on Friday when they saw a man hanging out of the window of an oncoming car.

Mr Krischel says the man was in his thirties with fair skin a beard, dark hair and dark glasses.

The tourist, who comes from a small town near Essen, says the passenger threw the hammer against the side of the campervan with such force that it broke in two.

"We were so scared and shocked that we just kept driving. After three or four minutes we pulled over to catch our breath.

"We decided to drive back to Rolleston and on the way we saw a police officer. He couldn't help us because I didn't catch the number plate of the car."

However they did find the hammer - which put a big dent in the bonnet underneath the driver's seat.

Dent in Eurocamper campervan after hammer thrown at it
It was fortunate the hammer didn't hit the windscreen (Supplied)

The couple returned to Christchurch today to drop the camper back to Euro Campers.

Euro Campers owner Volkmar Wollenweber says he is outraged this has happened. 

"Whether this was an act against tourists and a hate for motorhomes on our roads, the couple were victims of shocking behaviour.

"Too often New Zealanders are complaining about freedom campers and motorhomes within our popular tourist destinations and again our visitors being targeted for being here."

The couple have only been in the country for 10 days but say they won't let this experience ruin their holiday.

"We are here to do work and travel. We hired a campervan for the first part of our trip."

"[New Zealand is] very beautiful. We have already seen a lot and the places and the landscapes are impressive."

Euro Campers has filed a police report.