Kaikoura train looter admits stealing frying pan


Theft usually involves high ticket items such as cars, electronics and even expensive alcohol but one Kaikoura teen has fessed up to looting frying pans and baby formula from a stranded train after the November earthquake. 

Angus Clarence Garrett, 18, stole from the train two days after the quake left it trapped between landslides.

Garrett and two friends were walking along the coast when they found the train.

The carriages contained stock bound for the shelves at Countdown, car parts, motorbikes and other foods.

Garrett, who opted for a mere $100 worth of product, instead of expensive motorbikes or car parts, was charged with theft for the baby food and cooking utensil, Fairfax reported.

Garett's lawyer, Rennie Gould says he was trapped in the area after the quake and had to sleep in a car.

"I think it's fair to say there were extenuating circumstances," she said.

Garrett will be back in court on February 27.