Kiwi app taking on tech giants

A Kiwi-designed app that reads out your emails as you drive could soon be installed in up to a million cars around the world.

The 'Speaking Email' app is being featured at the Consumer Electronics Show and has caught the attention of one of the world's biggest tech companies, Bosch. 

The app lets you check your emails while driving, without having to pick up your phone. Instead emails will be dictated to you. 

Mike Nelson, chief executive of parent company 'Beweb', says it's the next step to receiving email on your phone, as now "you can just listen to it".

At the moment you can't use it to compose emails - but Mr Nelson says that's coming.  

They're closing in on a deal which would see the app used on its version of Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto. 

While this sort of in-car technology is already available, 'Speaking Email' will be the first email server to be used in a car's connectivity platform which syncs devices made by the same company.