Kiwis unable to switch off their phones over summer

phone data usage vodafone
1845 terabytes were used by Vodafone users across the country. (Supplied)

Just how often did you use your smartphone over summer? 

Plenty of Kiwis were glued to their phones and used more data than ever over the summer period, new figures from Vodafone suggest.

It seems many of the telco's phone users were more interested in having a virtual holiday than connecting with the environment and people around them. 

The spike in data usage could be blamed on the unusual summer period- where the weather has been anything but hot and beach-friendly. 

cell phone user
Cell phone user (File)

Maybe people were, watching movies, streaming music (or perhaps checking the forecast and complaining to their friends about the temperamental weather). 

Nationwide, over Christmas alone, 1845 terabytes of data were used on Vodafone's networks - that's the equivalent of streaming 615,000 HD Netflix episodes back-to-back. 

People holidaying in Opito Bay in the Coromandel used the most data for the second year running- up nearly 30 times compared to the first half of December. 

Despite the popular hot spot's white sandy beaches and various attractions, the Coromandel paradise wasn't enough to deter people away from their phones. 

Whatever the reason for not going completely going off the grid, it seems many holiday makers couldn't completely switch off without the use of technology.

Overall, data consumption for New Zealand Vodafone users was up 72 percent.

Holiday hotspots with the highest data usage this summer:

1. Opito Bay

2. Otematata

3. Kaiteriteri

4. Matarangi

5. Waihi Beach

6. Whangamata

7. Cooks Beach

8. Hahei

9. Onemana

10. Pauanui