Meet the police vehicle you can speed away from

The tractor can go a little over 30km/h (supplied)
The tractor can go a little over 30km/h (supplied)

If you're being chased by this cop "car", chances are you wouldn't have to speed too much to get away.

The New Zealand Police tractor has made its way down south for a spot of sightseeing over the summer months, visiting a number of A&P shows.

The tractor was a big hit with children in the southern area at the Southern Field Days, according to Senior Sergeant Cynthia Fairly.

"It was great to see rural and city folk taking every opportunity for a chat with police and local issues, as well as snapping a photo with our new tractor," she says. 

The tractor is non-operational and weighs in at more than 4 tonnes, which means this beast won't exactly catch criminals flying down highways with its top speed clocking in at a little over 30km/h.

But Senior Sergeant Fairly says the tractor is more than just a toys of kids and is real conversation starter, especially at A&P shows.

"We want to get the message out that everyone needs to take responsibility for preventing crime," she says.

"It is as simple as locking up and securing your own property, tools, fuel, firearms and valuable items."

The tractor will travel across the southern region over the coming weeks, making its way through Winton, Edendale, Gore and Tuatapere before heading back to its police barn.