Mother of dead toddler Braxton Garnett-Sturgess still waiting for answers

Braxton Surgess the toddler that passed away
Braxton's mother has received no answers as of yet (Givealittle)

The mother of a two-year-old who died in his sleep is still awaiting answers on why her baby boy died.

Braxton Garnett-Sturgess passed away just before Christmas last year.

The toddler's mother had just had her tonsils out, and Braxton and his brother were staying with a family friend while she recovered.

The cause of his death is still unknown, with experts telling the Sturgess family it could take about three months to get some initial answers. 

However, Braxton's mother Sabrina Sturgess says she has heard in some cases it can take six months to a year to hear anything definitive. 

"They said three months is what they're expecting, but it's been about six weeks since I've heard anything. I'm starting to get frustrated."

A family friend started a Givealittle page to raise money for the single mother to hold Braxton's funeral. 

On Tuesday the page had received just shy of $10,000 from donors.

Ms Sturgess, who separated from her partner and moved to Waihi with her sons around five months ago, says she has been blown away by the support she's received from the Waihi community "and even from complete strangers".

"We've had so much support and help from the school and community, which I don't think we would have received had we been at an Auckland school."

The next step for the family is when Braxton's older brother Blake, 5, goes back to primary school this year.

Ms Sturgess says they are looking into grief counselling for him, but playing it by ear.

 "We're all just trying to do our best to learn how to live without [Braxton] being there" she says.