New Zealand's worst drivers of 2016 caught on camera

  • 05/01/2017

It's the silly season and that means we're all on alert for trouble on the roads as we head to and from holiday spots across the country.

Now, with the rise of dashboard cameras, bad drivers are increasingly being held to account for poor decisions - often by public shaming on social media. 

Last year a number of shocking displays of poor driving were caught on camera and posted online:

Terrifying near-miss on the Kaimai Ranges

In perhaps the worst incident of the year, a driver came within inches of causing a head-on collision during an illegal overtaking manoeuvre on the Kaimai Ranges.

Video of the incident shows a silver four-wheel drive attempting to overtake a truck when it runs out of room and crosses the yellow lines into the path of oncoming traffic.

The four-wheel drive was caught between a ute and the truck and barely managed to scrape through, taking out the wing mirrors of both passenger vehicles.

Motorcyclist's incredible near-miss

A video shared on YouTube shows the terrifying moment a motorcyclist slides across the road to avoid a van at an Invercargill t-section.

The biker, miraculously unscathed, gets up and walks back to his motorbike.

Wrong way on roundabout

A van driver was captured driving the wrong way around a roundabout in the lead up to Christmas outside Auckland's Westgate shopping mall.

Instead of making a prompt exit when they notice their error, the driver keeps going, much to the annoyance of other drivers. 

Swings and roundabouts

In another pre-Christmas road blunder, a driver was pulled over by police as they transported a child's swingset draped over their van in south Auckland.

The driver and passenger appeared to be holding the green swing in place when they were stopped, going by a photo posted to the Kiwi Az Bro Facebook page.

Police confirmed the vehicle was eventually stopped.

Man confronts cop

In a spectacular role-reversal, a police officer was pulled over and told off for bad driving - and it was all caught on camera.

The video was posted to Facebook on January 22 by Auckland man "G Man Mann" and went viral.

The police officer seemingly admits to pulling out in front of the driver with the camera and gives him his badge number to make a complaint.