NZ Scooter Championships kick off in Christchurch

When you think of someone on a scooter, backflips aren't necessarily the first thing that come to mind.

However, that is just one of the tricks that will be on display when the New Zealand Scooter Championships get underway in Christchurch on Saturday.

Ten-year-old Maikaia Day-Brown and his 13-year-old brother Kahu are getting in some last minute practise before they line up for the national champs for the first time.

"At our skate park - our local - we scoot about six hours every day, sometimes when it's raining, and every few weeks we come up here and work on our lines for nationals," says Kahu.

The pair are just two of around 40 competitors of all ages who are expected to line up at the Washington Way skate park.

Their skills will be tested in front of four judges - and there's a lot at stake.

"The winners of the pro aection get access to the international championship," says event organiser Ricky Malcolm.

"Last year it was the extreme Barcelona event, so it's huge."

Mr Malcolm says scooter riding is growing in popularity.

"We've had a spike in New Zealand and around the world so many kids are going to school on scooters, more so than on bikes these days, and they can take to the skate park, socialise, and get active," he says.

Someone who knows only too well where scootering can take you is Bradley Goudie. He now makes a living making YouTube videos about scootering and shares them with more than130,000 followers each day.

"I've pretty much made a lifestyle out of what I'm doing, its so great because I love what I do, and it's really good to be able to connect with the kids and promote scootering as a whole and also have fun doing it," he says.

And with tricks bound to be in plentiful supply at the event, he'll have no shortage of content for his next video.