NZ street view skydive world first

If you've ever wanted to do a skydive, but the whole "afraid of heights" thing has got the better of you, there may be a solution.

In a world first, a South Island tourism operator's launched a Google Street View and virtual reality experience for skydiving.

The Skydive Abel Tasman Street View starts with you suiting up and boarding the plane.

With the click of a button - and a reassuring thumbs up - you're skydiving, taking in the views of Tasman Bay.

A Google certified photographer came up with the idea - touted as the first of its kind - a chance to take in the stunning Abel Tasman National Park from 5000m in the air at 200km/h.

Owner of Skydive Abel Tasman Stuart Bean says it's just like the real thing.

"Freefall, all the way down, parachute opening, nice parachute ride, and then landing on the ground again. And you'll get to see it all and almost feel it by sitting beside your computer."

Street View first launched in 2007 - allowing anyone with the internet to view almost any street in the world.

The technology incorporates 360 degree video so you can scroll around and take in the views.

It's expanded to show restaurants, cafes, tourist attractions and now skydiving from every angle.

To get the view from every angle, the team built a custom "360 GoPro Pano Ball" to capture the experience.

The custom 360 camera used for the project (Supplied)
The custom 360 camera used for the project (Supplied)

"For little old Motueka to stand out on the world circuit with a world first like this, mate it's the best thing you could ever ask for," says Skydive Abel Tasman's Kyle Mulinder