Oliver, Olivia top NZ baby names, again

  • 06/01/2017
Baby name blocks
Olivia once again is the most popular baby name for females (Getty)

Kiwis haven't strayed far from tradition in naming their offspring, as Olivia and Oliver once again top the list for most popular baby names.

With Charlotte and Jack in second place, the list looks very much the same as in 2015.

The Department of Internal Affairs releases the list annually, showing the most popular baby names for boys and girls born in New Zealand for that year.

One radical change is the rise of Isla - from seventh to third place and Leo has leaped in popularity, up from 24th place to ninth.

Noah, Lucas and Max are also new additions to the top 10 for boys, while Ava is the only female newbie, jumping from 15th place to ninth.

Nearly 61,000 births were recorded and the most popular 100 names make up only a fraction of all the names given.

There were more than 18,000 registered first names.

However, 494 name have been rejected by Internal Affairs since legislation was introduced in 1995.

Names which use more than 99 characters aren't allowed, as well as names deemed offensive, of a religious nature, or implied a child held a title or a rank.

In 2016, numerous baby names were rejected including Justice, King, Duke, Prince, Royal and Lucifer.

Top 10 names for girls in 2016:

  1. Olivia (266 babies)
  2. Charlotte (262)
  3. Isla (239)
  4. Harper (236)
  5. Ella (220)
  6. Amelia (211)
  7. Emily (203)
  8. Mia (196)
  9. Sophie (189)
  10. Ava (188)


  1. Oliver (332 babies)
  2. Jack (286)
  3. William (263)
  4. Mason (254)
  5. James (253)
  6. Hunter (244)
  7. Noah (229)
  8. Lucas (228)
  9. Leo (220)
  10. Max (217)

NZN / Newshub.