Oreo Creme eggs take NZ by storm

Cadbury's creme egg
Cadbury's newest chocolate egg (Supplied)

Oreo Creme eggs are on sale in New Zealand, but it seems you'll have to go on a full-blown Easter egg hunt to find them.

They've found their way onto The Warehouse shelves, but have been selling out as quickly as they arrive.

The only store Newshub could find the eggs for sale is the company's Blenheim store.

The Oreo Creme eggs have the same thick chocolate shell as normal, but with a vanilla creme and crushed cookie centre.

Inside the new Oreo Creme egg.
Inside the new Oreo Creme egg.

The new addition is taking top spot in the hierarchy of chocolate eggs, with the classic Creme egg down on the Warehouse's bottom shelf, out of sight.

Oreo Creme eggs take NZ by storm

Maybe it's the fancy new container, or the pop-off lid.

Mondelez New Zealand, which owns Cadbury's here, and their head James Kane says anything with biscuits seems to go down well with Kiwis.

Oreo Creme eggs have been available in Canada for a year now, but have only just migrated south, and are said to be around for a limited time.

Cadbury's came under fire last year when they changed their Creme egg recipe from Dairy Milk to an artificial replacement. The controversial switch reportedly cost the company $6 million in Easter sales.