Taste-testing a KFC candle

Sure, it smells nice - but would you eat a KFC candle?

We gave a curious group of fried chicken lovers the ultimate test in order to find out whether they would wax lyrical about the taste.

New Zealand KFC recently turned their signature dish into a scent and the unusual candle was given a popular reception on social media, with many welcoming the idea.

So, what happens when you try to eat a KFC candle? 

After close examination and giving their honest thoughts on the product, the group of taste-testers agreed that when lit, the candle smelt like the distinctive 11 "secret" herbs and spices. 

An agreed consensus concluded the results on its taste were surprising similar to the food chain's fried chicken. 

The hand-made candle was first given away as a prize during a social media campaign in December and finger lickin' fans keen to get their hands on it now can through an auction to raise money for Life Saving New Zealand. 


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