Teacher faces disciplinary tribunal over inappropriate relationship with student

Teacher disciplinary tribunal inappropriate relationship student
The female teacher kissed the boy on school grounds (File/Getty)

A Christchurch teacher faced the New Zealand Teacher's Disciplinary Tribunal on Wednesday over an inappropriate relationship with a male 16-year-old student.

The female teacher - who can't be named - kissed him on school grounds, as well as sending him personal texts.

She has also been accused of inappropriate relationships with two Year 13 girls.

The agreed summary of facts state that the male student had been struggling with mental and emotional issues and became friendly with the teacher.

They soon breached the school's policy and became friends on Facebook. Their relationship soon became physical.

She then shared  intimate details with two schoolgirls she had befriended, which they said had had an impact on their education.

Following this, the woman's relationship with the male student was discovered. The teacher then ended the relationship, but the school launched an investigation.

The teacher said she regrets the impact her actions had on the students.

"They'll live with that the rest of their lives," she said.

"I did cross those boundaries."

The teacher said she had apologised in writing to the students involved, their parents, and the school, and did not plan to teach again in the immediate future.