The Kiwi supermodel friends with Trump

One of only a handful of New Zealanders who knows the President of the United States personally is supermodel Kylie Bax. 

She's known Donald Trump for more than 20 years, and thinks him and Prime Minister Bill English will get along just fine - even saying they had quite a bit in common. 

She told Newshub she sent the new President a congratulations message after his inauguration. 

The pair are good friends - Ms Bax stuck up for him while he was embroiled in sexual harassment and assault allegations during the 2016 election campaign.  

However she's not quite up to date with his latest policies saying "she hasn't actually taken much notice" of the immigration ban, "but I'm sure at the end of the day everything will turn out how it's supposed to". 

Prime Minister Bill English will be the next Kiwi to try and win President Trump's love - he's due to speak on the phone with the President later this week. 

"We've got a long deep relationship with the US I don't have any doubt about our ability to maintain good relationships with the US" Mr English has said. 

Bax thinks it'll go well.

"I think it will go well - I think Bill's a good businessman himself so I think they might have a few things in common."

"I know Bill loves his family and I know Donald loves his family too - so I think that's a good starting point."