Toddler becomes youngest on Rotorua Skyswing

A two-year-old boy has become the youngest-ever person to ride Rotorua's Skyswing - and his dad says he loved every moment of the experience.

Finn Cunningham took the plunge on the swing, which hoists those with the bravery to ride it 50 metres above the ground and drops at speeds of up to 120k/h.

His father Christopher Cunningham said his son had seen other people try the ride and immediately wanted to do it.

"I know how scary it is going up there and I thought he'd freak out - I was scared, but he wasn't scared at all, and instead started getting grumpy with us because we couldn't get on fast enough," he explained.

Mr Cunningham said he and wife Danielle didn't have any worries about young Finn's safety, as he is tall for his age and met the 110cm height threshold they have in place at the facility.

"We made sure he was tall enough and secure enough - he was buckled in and reassured by the ride manager, so there were no concerns on our end or theirs," he said.

Mr Cunningham said just before they did the ride, another couple had ascended to the drop point but were too scared to pull the cord that would release them for several minutes. He said he was surprised that his son still wanted to do it after witnessing their agitation.

"We went on and he loved it. He wanted to go again and we had to say no because it's too much money," he said.

Mr Cunningham has since shared the video of their ride widely on social media, and it even made it to the website of one of the US' top celebrities.

"It got published on EllenTube [talk show host Ellen DeGeneres' video site], and we're hoping that she gets to see it," he laughed.