Two-week delay as water tanks run dry

Household rainwater tanks in the north of Auckland and in Northland are starting to run dry already, with no rainfall and a big dry expected.

Services trucking household water into the Rodney area are experiencing at least a two-week delay.

Residents are being asked to conserve water and plan ahead to ensure they are not left high and dry. Artesian and Soleway Water owner Christine Walker says people need to start preparing now.

"Book ahead. We still can get water out to people, it's not a problem. What we can't do is same-day delivery, which is what a lot of people are used to because it is normally what we can do."

She says the company's never been this busy at this time of the year, taking at least 70 calls a day.

"Customers that have ordered water from us for years are saying that they've not known it to be this bad before. It's quite unusual."

Construction company Rhodes for Roads says they too have been inundated with calls since Christmas.

"The eastern side of Warkworth, it seems to be really affected at the moment. We are getting a few calls in Warkworth, Kaipara and the western side now and if it is going to keep going and starting to filter then it will start getting worse."

She says they are trying to service at least 12 houses per day, four more per day than last year to compensate.

"On the whole, most people are being really, really good about it. They all understand, I know they are ringing lots of different companies to try and get water and we are all in the same situation. On the whole everyone is being really good and understanding about it."

Now everyone is just hoping for rain.

"We are trying to pack in as many people as we can, and obviously if there is absolutely dire things we are trying to help people but at the end of the day, we are all in the same situation," Ms Ryder says.


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