Whangarei rest home evacuated after threat

  • 14/01/2017

A rest home in Whangarei was evacuated on Saturday after a threatening call was made.

The 29 residents at Shalom Court were returned to their homes after police scoured the property and found nothing. Witnesses told Newshub the caller said a bomb was on the premises.

"It's 28 degrees in Whangarei today, and we've had to remove 29 elderly people from their homes, so we'll be finding the person who did this and he or she will be held accountable," says Inspector Al Symonds.

"They're in reasonably good shape, but it's disrupted their daily routine."

Police say there is no information yet to suggest the threat is linked to New Zealand's recent diplomatic tussles with Israel. The Hebrew word 'shalom' roughly translates as 'peace'.

Insp Symonds praised the rest home's procedures, and are following "positive" lines of inquiry.