Bill English defends Civil Defence's handling of the Port Hills blaze

While Gerry Brownlee might have been "perplexed" at the decisions made by Civil Defence regarding the Port Hills blaze, Bill English says at least everyone was able to be evacuated safely.

Speaking to The AM Show on Monday, the Prime Minister said Cabinet would be taking a look at the decisions Civil Defence authorities made last week after the fire started.

"The concern would be whether people believe… that there's a good decision-making process going on, because there's still dozens if not hundreds of people affected by being excluded from their homes."

Mr Brownlee, Civil Defence Minister, said the declaration of a state of emergency in the area came too late - but Mr English defended the calls Civil Defence made in regards to public safety.

"Everyone who could have been at risk with that fire was able to be made safe - so those were the right sort of decisions."

The New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union (NZPFU) has called for an investigation into Civil Defence's handling of the blaze, saying members had to watch the fire get bigger and bigger after being turned away.

"That is their job to protect lives and property, and they simply weren't able to in this particular case," said NZPFU secretary Derek Best.

"There seems to be general agreement the decisions could have been better, so we'll have the opportunity to go back and have a look," says Mr English.

"But right now that's not going to change anything for the people affected by this fire."

The blaze isn't completely out, with reports on Sunday putting it at 68 percent controlled, with the risk dry conditions and winds could spark it up again.

The only fatality in the blaze was Steve Askin, a former SAS soldier who died when his helicopter crashed while fighting the fire.