Brawl erupts on Hamilton's main street

Dozens of people have been arrested after a fight on the streets of Hamilton early on Sunday morning.

Gang members and security staff fought it out in the mass brawl, but no one was seriously injured.

Inspector Karen Henrikson says 42 people were arrested after the fight.

Video showing the fight, posted by Eddie Potter, shows how chaotic it was. Security in hi-vis vests and black polo shirts can be seen being taunted by punters, before at least two security guards fling wild punches in response.

A man attacks a security guard from behind, while the guard is busy grappling with a man preparing to fight in front of him. One woman clings to a female security guard, preventing her from entering the fray.

The fight started when two gang associates were removed from The Hood Bar for causing problems, said Lawrenson Group chief executive John Lawrenson, who owns a number of the bars at the southern end of Victoria St.

Insp Henrikson says "pockets of disorder" soon broke out.

Mr Lawrenson said the contract for The Hood Bar's security would be terminated - the security members seen wearing black polo shirts in the video.

They had been enlisted on the advice of police, he said.

The Hood was hosting an "Alize Party" for university Orientation Week event on Saturday night.

In June 2016, police told media they were planning to oppose The Hood's application for a liquor licence renewal. At the time, officer Jim Kernohan said that they "are aware there are gang members, or associates of gang members that frequent that bar".