Busted penguin 'Buster' in hospital, again

A rare New Zealand yellow-eyed penguin which lost its toe in 2015 has been taken into a Dunedin penguin hospital for further treatment.

The penguin, known as Buster, appears to have been attacked again, said Dr Lisa Argilla, who is running the Otago Polytechnic penguin hospital.

"I suspect a blue shark, based on his injuries," she said.

Buster was recently found injured at Papanui Beach on Otago Peninsula.

Dr Argilla first treated the penguin when he was flown to her at Wellington Zoo for treatment in 2015.

She had to amputate his right toe after a suspected barracuda bite.

"I am pleased to report that the amputated toe is looking terrific and he's coping well," Dr Argilla says. "He also has chicks so is able to reproduce."

The penguin hospital in Dunedin is only open for three months over summer thanks to the Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust, which raised enough money to bring Dr Argilla south.

"One of the main problems we face is infection from wounds," she says. "Here in Dunedin, we can start intravenous antibiotics within 24 hours. Because of that, our success rate of saving birds is much higher."

The hospital is currently housing six penguin patients.

In January, Newshub visited the hospital where we met a snares crested penguin, which couldn't keep away from the camera.

Unfortunately, he was suffering from a large injury to his abdomen and died coming out of anaesthetic on Thursday.

Watch the video tribute to the camera-loving creature.

Video produced by Sarah Rowan.