Candy bars make for sweet leaving card

sweet leaving card chocolates (Reddit)
Clearly she's the favourite (Reddit)

A sweet leaving card has shown a woman she's surely the favourite at her workplace.

Chocolates and other candies were glued to the leaving card for Susan, wishing her all the best from Karen, Laura, Miranda and Elisha.

"You have always been a dream to work with as well as being a fabulicious friend to use crèche ladies [sic]," the four wrote, with candy bars replacing certain key words in the message.

"Hope your new lifestyle allows you to stop and smell the roses, enjoy picnic's [sic] and some timeout from the stress!

"Smarties like you do well wherever they go - so crack open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate new beginnings.

"We will miss you tomorrow and always."

sweet leaving card with chocolate

The card was posted on Reddit and has gained worldwide attention.

"I really need to see the switcheroo of the card without the chocolates and see that the words read very differently," one commenter wrote.

"'You've always been a nightmare to work with'."