Canterbury farmer's blunt job ad amuses

A south Cantebury farmer's blunt job ad has gone viral, taking him by surprise.

Waimate farmer Geoff Wallace listed a frank set of requirements when looking for a stockman to work 20 hours a week feeding bulls.

"Must be a non smoker, wear his hat with the peak to the front and be capable of wearing his pants around his arse not knees. Also needs to be able to divorce himself from his phone for more than 2 hrs at a time."

Mr Wallace told The Project it's all about their safety.

"With our business we run a lot of machinery. Every machine we own has the capability of killing you," he says.

"We require staff to be focused and have their mind on the job."

(The Project)
(The Project)

Because the ad has gotten so much attention since it was printed in a local paper, Mr Wallace says he hasn't got much work done.

"I'm no media star that's for sure, I've spent the whole day talking to media instead of getting some work done!"

He said through this ad he would be able to eliminate the candidates who might not meet his requirements and expects to have the job filled by the end of the week.

Whoever the new employee is, they might have some extra work on their hands to catch up.