Does the Far North need a new name?

The Far North's iconic Ninety Mile Beach (Getty)
The Far North's iconic Ninety Mile Beach (Getty)

It was just some throwaway pondering at the end of her regular column in the local paper, but now Far North Deputy Mayor Tania McInnis has found herself front and centre of a debate over whether the district needs a new name.

Ms McInnis says the name comes with" baggage", and might not be brilliant marketing for a district that relies so heavily on tourism.

She told Newshub it is worth thinking about "whether the name 'The Far North' actually represents who we are".

"In some cases, people have warmed to the idea - it's an idea that's been around for a while. And in other cases, they certainly have clearly said they don't like it at all.

"We've got so much potential up here, and we've got people doing amazing things. But we also have some baggage attached to it.

"Some of it's around marketing. Tourism is a great economic driver for us."

The Far North District stretches from the North Auckland Peninsula to the northern tip of the North Island. According to the 2013 Census, the district's population is 55,731.

Māori comprise 40 percent of the population of Far North District, and Ms McInnis said some people have suggested a new name could reflect that.

"There are some Maori names that have been in the district for a very long time", Ms McInnis said.

It's just food for thought, she said.

She's either sowed a seed or opened a can of worms.

Either way, it's got people talking.