'F***ing little c***' - Murder-accused Michael Joseph Waipouri erupts in court

Video from inside the Auckland High Court on Wednesday captures a murder-accused becoming enraged during questioning after being asked why he killed his long-time friend, Lance Murphy. 

The Crown prosecution asked Michael Joseph Waipouri why he let Mr Murphy into his house when he thought he was a killer  a question which was not received well. 

"When I saw those f***ing demons come out of his chest, I f***ing swore to my kids that I would protect them, that I would take care of that s**t. 

"F***ing little c***."

The demons Waipouri is referring to are those which he told the court on Tuesday which he saw coming out of his victim's chest when he attacked him with a tree branch and a bat. 

But Waipouri says he did it to protect himself and his loved ones. 

"I'm not a murderer, I'm a survivor," Waipouri told the court. 

Waipouri's lawyers say they will call a psychiatrist to give evidence.