Christchurch Adventure Park at risk from blaze

The new $24 million Christchurch Adventure Park near Marley Hill has been closed as a fire edges towards the top end of the park, which has become a focus point for fire crews to protect.

Adventure Park spokeswoman, Anne Newman, says they are very concerned about the park.

"We're extremely concerned for the [park] it has encroached on our boundary," she says.

"We're working with authorities at the moment to make sure we can do everything we can to protect the top station of our chairlift."

An aerial shot of the park (Newshub)
An aerial shot of the park (Newshub)

High winds a problem for Christchurch fires

Strong winds and warm weather are creating havoc for emergency crews fighting two fires near Christchurch's Port Hills that are "still burning strongly."

Selwyn District Civil Defence says two separate fires on Early Valley Road and Marley Hill have spread across more than 700 hectares of scrub and vegetation.

One house has been destroyed with another slightly damaged, while surrounding houses are still at risk.

The Cass Peak radar station, near Marley Hill, is important for communication signals for aviation and has also become a focus point for fire crews.

Orion says 50 customers in the area are without power and 21 power poles that have been destroyed will need to be replaced.

However, they say it could be days before replacement poles are up due to limited access.

(Wuz Armstrong/Newshub)
(Wuz Armstrong/Newshub)

At least 24 families have been evacuated from the area and four roads remain closed.

The Fire Service says it could be two to three days before they gain total control and are focusing on aerial assaults to combat the fire, sending up to 15 helicopters to assist in the fight along with 10 rural fire service tankers and one Defence Force tanker.

Homes Road resident Kevin Bax says he is very worried about his house.

"I came home from work yesterday at about 6pm after my wife had phoned me to say there was a big fire up the back," he says.

"We didn't really have much time to evacuate at all."

Smoke is still spreading across Christchurch city  (Caley Callahan/Newshub)
Smoke is still spreading across Christchurch city (Caley Callahan/Newshub)

Christchurch Police area commander Dave Stackhouse is urging people to steer clear.

"I know it's a spectacular fire but if we can keep people away from Early Valley Rd, Tai Tapu area, Summit Rd and Kennedy's Bush, that'd be great," he says.

The first fire began in scrub and pine trees on Early Valley Rd late on Monday afternoon, before a second blaze started on the Summit Rd.

Crews raced back to Summit Rd after midnight as more homes were threatened.

After monitoring the fires overnight, helicopters with monsoon buckets have been seen taking to the skies from first light.

At least 100 firefighters and 18 appliances fought to keep the fire from spreading overnight.