Huntly Muslim attack: Woman responsible makes cry for help

The woman who racially abused a Muslim woman in Huntly has exclusively spoken to Newshub, admitting she's embarrassed and angry with herself, and desperately in need of help.

Megan Walton battles a combination of mental illnesses and she and her family say they feel let down by the health system.

On Monday the 27-year-old pleaded guilty to three charges, including two of assault, over the attack on Muslim woman Mehpara Khan and her friends.

"I'm really sorry that she got treated like that and had to see something like that," Walton said.

"It's disgusting and I'm sorry. But that isn't who I am."

Walton says she's not racist and even told Newshub her own mother is Muslim.

Now she and her family want the country to know she's is struggling to get the help she needs for bipolar disorder, social anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

"I just need someone to help. I've been asking for help for ages and I'm too embarrassed now," Walton says.

"You can't just give someone a pill and say they're going to be okay because that's not how it works."

Walton's older sister Phillippa says the family has tried to help her, but they've exhausted all options.

"On the numerous occasions we've rung - I can't count how many - there's nothing they can do, or they'll speak to Megan and say, 'oh she's okay'," Phillippa said.

"Or we'll take her to the hospital and sit in emergency for six or seven hours, then be told 'oh she looks okay because the episode's past now.'"

Phillippa believes the mental health system has let her sister down.

"You see these ads everywhere and posters everywhere that say it's okay to ask for help and they encourage people to ask for help," she said.

"But then when you do ask for help and you get let down, and you get told your case isn't as bad as this case.

"Something needs to change. Someone needs to get up and do their job because we've got people walking around who don't have anyone and they're so alone."

Walton says she genuinely wants help.

"I want to be able to work. I want to be a personal trainer. I want to own a gym one day," she says.

Ms Khan, the woman who was attacked, says she hopes Walton receives all the help and support she needs, and she wants her to know she's forgiven.