Is Archie Luxury right about Auckland being a ripoff?

OPINION: When Aussie YouTuber Archie Luxury (aka Paul Pluta) told his 35,000 subscribers how "expensive and mean" he found Auckland on a recent business trip it certainly hit a nerve with some Kiwis. 

Mr Pluta's YouTube rants about his first ever Auckland visit quickly went viral and had hundreds of angry Kiwis decrying "what does he know?" and "get back across the ditch".

Newshub spoke to Mr Pluta at length on Tuesday.

"Don't think I'm just a Kiwi basher, people have taken the wrong slant," Mr Pluta told me.

"The problem with Kiwis is that they're too decent. I love New Zealand - but I don't like what's happening there."

Archie Luxury's main issue with Auckland is how expensive he found it

"Aucklanders need to see the funny side. I get there, it's wet and it's raining, and I find a city that is grossly expensive.

"I spent $75 on a taxi from the airport to the city and $650 for one night in a hotel. You've gotta f*****g be joking!" exclaimed Mr Pluta.

To be fair, I'm sure many Aucklanders have actually spent far more on a taxi from the airport to the city than $75 so Mr Pluta has a point.

We are also one of the only so-called 'world class' cities without a train service from our major international airport into the city.

Mr Pluta took particular aim at the cost of property in Auckland, which he describes as "mean". It left him flabbergasted.

"You've got houses in Auckland selling for three million f*****g dollars that an average person should be living in!

"How much do you Kiwis earn? Do you Kiwis earn a quarter of a million a year? 

"I don't understand how you haven't had anarchy in the streets over your house prices? Three million dollars for a two-bedroom house is quite frankly f******g ridiculous!

"It's just savage. I can't see how people in Auckland can have home ownership. It's very, very aggressive, and it's going to get worse, you've got to stop foreigners, and especially the Chinese from buying it all.

"I love the Chinese, I've got nothing against the Chinese, and you can't blame them for what's happening."

It seems Mr Pluta, Don Brash and Winston Peters all have plenty in common.

Archie Luxury believes New Zealand women are first class

Another of Mr Pluta's comments that people took offence to was his claim there were no "pretty ladies" in Auckland. He has now recanted that statement.

"I was wrong - Kiwi ladies are very charming. I just threw that in because I was feeling some depression from Auckland's awful weather. 

"I've had a lot of Kiwi hospitality over the years and you've got some really good Kiwi ladies there, they are first class."

If it's any consolation, Archie Luxury hates Brisbane too

Mr Pluta also compared Auckland's enflamed rental market and high-expense to his home city of Brisbane.

"Applying for a house to rent is like winning a job interview, like winning the f***** lotto. Brisbane's got delusions of grandeur. You should check out my video 'Brisbane sucks' or 'The Gold Coast sucks'.

"Brisbane is touted as Australia's newest world-class city, but you know what that means. That means you pay 74 bucks to park for just two hours in the city! Brisbane is so overrated."

Mr Pluta is unapologetically anti-globalisation and also a supporter of new US President Donald Trump. He calls himself a Trumpster.

"New Zealand sold out, your government sold out because they were greedy. They wanted the bigger dollar, they wanted the maximum dollar and this is what happened."

Archie Luxury believes Kim Dotcom is a modern day hero

He is also a supporter of controversial internet mogul Kim Dotcom, whom he thinks is a genius.

"I love Kim Dotcom, me and Kim Dotcom have the same dietary needs, I think he's an internet hero. The guy is a genius, nothing short of a modern day Einstein, and I can't believe New Zealand is considering giving him to the slaughter, giving him to the f*****g Americans!

"Kim Dotcom is a hero. This whole information age is changing and he's at the forefront."

Mr Pluta told me he doesn't have plans to return to Auckland anytime soon, but certainly would come back if someone else paid for it.