K Road home to NZ's first Tesla store

Auckland's iconic Karangahape Road is about to have another claim to fame as the home of New Zealand's first Tesla store.

The Silicon Valley Company officially arrives in New Zealand tonight with a glitzy $300,000 flagship store.

According to Tesla's Australasian boss Heath Walker, all-electronic cars are perfect for this country.

"There's a huge sustainable energy resource here that helps with our claims for what the car can do for the planet moving forward," he told Newshub. 

The flagship model S will be the fastest delivered car, and the fastest car full stop.  

At $300,000, it is fitted with a 'Ludricrous' mode - complete with a warning - and has officially claimed the title of fastest accelerating car in the world.

Tesla says it wants to change the mind-set around electric cars, and stop people thinking of them as "golf buggies".