KFC releasing fried chicken bouquets for Valentines

  • 12/02/2017
kfc bouquet
There are only 20 of the bouquets to give away (Facebook/KFC)

KFC is providing a delicious, deep-fried answer to the age old question: what do you get your significant other on Valentine's Day? 

The fast-food chain claims its new fried chicken bouquet smells and tastes better than any bottle of perfume or bunch of flowers.

A limited number of bouquets are being made to celebrate Valentine's Day, with each bouquet containing a mix of popcorn chicken, crispy strips and original recipe drumsticks.

KFC have 20 of the bouquets to give away to lucky KFC lovers on February 14. Facebook fans of the chain can enter to win two of the bouquets online, to pick up at the restaurant on Quay St, Auckland. 

The other 18 will be hand-delivered to "known KFC-lovers", according to a spokesperson. 

It's not the first time KFC has come up with a novel gift idea, with a limited edition candle released last year. 

The Facebook giveaway has already captured the hearts of many chicken lovers, with over 878 commenters aiming to win one of the coveted bouquets.