Kim Dotcom's co-accused facing extradition


One of Kim Dotcom's co-accused is facing extradition and says his marriage is on the rocks after the High Court ruled him eligible to face trial in the United States.

Finn Batato, a long-time friend and former employee of Dotcom, is facing charges over copyright infringement and fraud charges in the United States.

The high-roller lifestyle he once enjoyed alongside Kim Dotcom is a distant memory, with Mr Batato currently living in "someone else’s house".

"And I haven’t done that for 25 years."

Having spent his savings on legal and living costs, Mr Batato is now defending himself in court.

He says for legal reasons, cash Mr Dotcom has tied up in Hong Kong can't be used to help him with court costs, but the pair remain friends and "on good terms".

The case is taking its toll on Mr Batato’s marriage to wife Anastasia, with the two of them currently in a "time out" due to the pressure of the case.

The four co-accused have long argued the case was politically motivated; saying the charges were brought about by pressure from the White House and influenced by donations from Hollywood.

Mr Batato is convinced that under Donald Trump, the original copyright charges would never have been laid in the United States.

His personal and financial struggles are far from over - the High Court ruling is being appealed.

But he says he’s "strongly convinced" he’s done nothing wrong, and says he’s not expecting to be extradited.

He says he's prepared to take his fight against extradition all the way to the Supreme Court.

On his own if he has to.