More than 20 calls in Auckland abduction case

The victim of an abduction in Auckland's Eden Terrace is "trying to come to terms" with her ordeal as police seek the offender responsible.

A police investigation has netted them some leads, but they're searching for more clues.

A woman in her 20s was injured when she escaped from a moving vehicle, having been forced into a car's front seat on Monday afternoon.

She was picked up by a man while walking along Haslett St toward Ponsonby and managed to jump out on nearby Copeland St.

Police believe the incident was sexually motivated.

"During the attack, she was indecently assaulted. She's currently receiving support from Victim Support and police officers and she's trying to come to terms with what has happened to her," Detective Inspector Aaron Pascoe said at a news briefing near the abduction site on Tuesday.

"This is a terrible ordeal for any woman, and we cannot reiterate enough that we're determined to find this person as soon as possible."

He says the offender is a complete stranger to the woman and police are still trying to work out a motive.

"She hasn't seen this person before so we don't know how he's chosen her or whether it's a completely random event or not." 

A call to the public for information has yielded more than 20 responses, with investigators following leads. Many of the calls related to similar vehicles and potentially similar kinds of behaviour.

A leaflet drop is also being done in the area, with uniformed police going door-to-door talking to residents.

CCTV footage from residential and business camera hasn't yet turned up any footage of the vehicle involved, described as a medium-sized dark silver or grey SUV similar to a RAV 4 or Honda CRV with a clean interior.

Neither has the CCTV footage reviewed so far captured the alleged offenders, described as a large, light-skinned Maori or Pacific Island man in his 30s and around 184cm tall.

He has full-length tattoos on both arms and was wearing an unbuttoned red, white and blue checked collared shirt with a grey T-shirt underneath.

The woman, who lives in the "general vicinity" of where the attempted abduction took place, has since been released from hospital having suffered moderate injuries and has been interviewed by detectives.

Police say she that as she passed a number of parked cars on the street, the man grabbed her from behind and managed to drag her into his car.

The incident only lasted a "very short period of time".

He drove off with her inside and during a struggle managed to break free and jump out of the vehicle.

Two members of the public saw the car speed off toward Ian McKinnon Dr.

Anyone who has information about the case should call (09) 302 6558 or they can do so anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.