'Nerds who go outside' take to drone racing at Te Papa

New Zealand's top guns live a life that revolves around getting fast and high.

Last Saturday, New Zealand's drone enthusiasts swarmed on Wellington's Te Papa Museum to go "drone-to-drone".

Pilots tested their mid-air mettle masked in goggles that connected to cameras mounted on the drones. Despite the frequent crashes, pilots maintained control of their machines through a narrow and unforgiving course, with no injury or fatalities inflicted on the viewing public.

"The sport is a growing one - increased drone applications in military, agriculture and photography have become a gateway into the world of high-speed racing," explained one of New Zealand's top pilots, Drone Wolf.

Affectionately referring to himself and fellow drone pilots as "nerds who go outside", Drone Wolf believes it has replaced Pokemon Go as New Zealand's geek outdoor vocation of choice.

Specialist racing drones used during competition can reach 100km in two seconds and reach speeds of up to 150km/h.