New Zealand's first Quidditch camp a 'huge success'

  • 18/02/2017
New Zealand's first Quidditch camp
The Quidditch Association of New Zealand is holding its first ever annual Quidditch camp in Christchurch. (Quidditch NZ/Facebook)

The Quidditch Association of New Zealand is holding its first ever annual Quidditch camp in Christchurch this weekend, and association president Emma Humphrey says it's been a "huge success".

"This camp is the first ever official camp run by Quidditch New Zealand. Before now it's always been run through the Universities, kind of just a social thing to do in the afternoons," she says.

Quidditch is a sport based on the one depicted in the Harry Potter universe, beginning in the USA in 2005, and is quickly developing a universe of its own.

Players, each carrying broomsticks between their legs, compete in a mixture of rugby, dodgeball, and tag - all involving multiple game balls.

"We're currently in training," Ms Humphrey says.

"It's been a huge success - we've had a turnout of about 20 to 25 people this weekend."

They're teaching "different kinds of drills and strategies, how to run training sessions, how to do effective tackling - because Quidditch is a full contact sport. We'll also be doing refereeing workshops to help people establish the rules within their team".

There's been a strong turnout by woman, something she's particularly proud of. She says the sport is fantastic, as there aren't many full contact sports available for women.

"The team is shaping up really good. The Australian players here have exceeded expectations," she says.

"It's looking like a very promising development of the sport."

The 2017 Quidditch Camp, National Tournament and AGM features mixed-team tournaments, inter-island face-offs, Quidditch workshops and an AGM to elect the national committee.

"We're really looking forward to our game of Australia vs New Zealand tonight. As well as that tomorrow we've looking forward to the North Island vs South Island," she says.

"I feel all the people here are picking up on the skills, and in term of community things are going really well."

Ms Humphrey says the weather has stopped drizzling and is fining up.

And with a successful camp and the sun coming out the players, like Quidditch, have a bright future to look forward to.