Pike River families set up emotional demonstration

Twenty-nine effigies of miners, dressed in hardhats and overalls, have been lined along the road leading to the Pike River mine.

It comes as the families of the men who died in the 2010 disaster continue to call on the Government to take action.

The arms of the effigies are spread wide and they stand in work boots, blocking the entrance to the mine.

"This is what 29 men lost to their loved ones looks like. No justice. Absolutely no justice for the Pike 29", a voiceover on the Stand With Pike group's video says.

A sign in front of one effigy reads 'You should be ashamed of yourself.'

Pike River families want the mine's drift to be entered in the hope at least some of the bodies can be retrieved. Experts they've commissioned say that the mine drift can be safely re-entered.

However Solid Energy, the state-owned company which owns the mine, maintain it is unsafe and should be permanently sealed.

"They've had no justice yet. Solid Energy are happy to go through the gate every morning, telling us they're doing their gas monitoring," says the voice. 

"We're grateful to the local businesses, especially the concrete companies that have refused to supply any product to them at this stage to stop the seal".

Behind the effigies, 29 white crosses are painted on the ground, and protest signs line the gates. They share messages including "Bring my Dad home!", "Experts know it's safe!" and "Government crimes hide behind the seal".

Stand With Pike's video ends with this message: "Not one person has been held to account yet. Twenty-nine men. The families are not going to go away, the families want justice, the families need justice, they need closure. Do not seal the mine".