Tampon deal gives abused women one less worry

bon organic tampons
350 packs have been donated so far (BON / supplied)

Life's been made a little bit easier for some domestic abuse survivors who may struggle to get tampons.

Sanitary company BON Organic Tampons has teamed up with Women's Refuge to help those staying in their safe houses.

Women's Refuge chief executive Dr Ang Jury says in times of stress and hardship, the vital products can often fall into a 'luxury' category.

"Accessing the most basic items such as sanitary products can be difficult and is sometimes the last thing on women's minds, so being able to offer a quality product like this can offer a small but hugely significant impact on their wellbeing," she says.

The deal is simple. For every pack of tampons purchased online, another pack gets donated to Women's Refuge. BON founder and director Rhys Clareburt says so far this year, 350 packs have been donated.

He says it's enough to cover the monthly cycles of all the women housed in the Auckland safe houses, and Dr Jury says around 165 women and children stay in the houses each night.

"We understand that for women going through the shelter they are more often than not suffering financial hardship too, as they've been courageous enough to escape the confines of their regular existence," Mr Clareburt says.

"We hope the donation of our feminine hygiene products can help these women not worry about the little things so they can focus on getting back on their feet."

He says the business aims to provide enough tampons to help all women in refuge care across the country.

Not only is it good for those in need, but it's also good for the environment. The tampons are organic and even their packaging is environmentally conscious, a bio-degradable tube which naturally dissolves in landfills.

Dr Jury says anything which helps support the women the Refuge works with is wonderful.

A similar enterprise has also launched in Australia - a tampon subscription service called GiftBox, which donates a box for women in need for each box purchased.