The Hits host Polly Gillespie in emotional Facebook video

  • 06/02/2017

Polly Gillespie has hinted she may not renew her contract with The Hits in an emotional video posted to Facebook.

The nine-minute video shows Gillespie in a bathroom dyeing her hair while talking about "restrictive" social media clauses in her new contract, which she has not yet signed.

"[I'm] being gagged, really.

"I have been offered this renewal of my contract, but I just don't know. Do I want to work in a situation where I'm not allowed to do this [Facebook videos]?"

Gillespie recently divorced co-host Grant Kereama, but they have remained on air together.

In the video, Gillespie said there were "another couple of truths", including that there might be a different line-up, which she believed would not include Kereama.

"I might not be working with Grant. My God, we've been a team for so long. Just because we're not married."

She said there had been tough times with Grant but they had "come through that" and were supportive of each other.

"I don't want other people's careers to suffer because of my success."

The pair recently lost their Auckland airwaves to TV hosts Sam Wallace and Toni Street, but continued to broadcast in the rest of the country.

She said she felt like she had been thrown "under a large bus" and was considering not signing the new contract.

"Can I trust people that don't tell me the truth, that I have to learn things through rumour and gossip?

"I feel like sometimes you have to make the right decisions because they're the right decisions morally ... I want to be on the radio and I want to be on social media, being honest."

Gillespie told Fairfax after posting the video she was "fairly sure" she wouldn't be re-signing with the radio station.

"The lack of transparency for months makes me feel sad, hurt, surprised and disrespected."